Best Wedding Photography in Bhopal

 Best Wedding Photography in Bhopal

We create vibrant, unique and expressive photographs. Whether it be the exotic pre wedding couple shoot, or an event from wedding days our documentary style candid photography will certainly leave an Impression


Together, they make a love story that is written in the stars and etched in their hearts forever. we are focusnclick capture your best memory 

We at Focus n Click stop moments from running away by capturing not what it look like, but what it feels like We help create memories by delivering a perfect blend of lights compositions and most importantly emotions Specializing in wedding pre-wedding portfolios We guarantee satisfaction and value for money by providing a combination of innovation and experience. Focus n Click is where passion meets perfection, centered into providing value added services with our ultimate aim being customer satisfaction.

Best 5 Tips for photographers

1. Get comfortable holding your camera.
Even while it might seem simple, many amateur photographers handle their cameras
incorrectly, which results in camera shake and poor pictures. The ideal approach to
eliminate camera shake is, of course, to use a tripod, but since you won't be using one
unless you're shooting in low light, it's crucial to hold your camera securely to prevent
unneeded movement.

Even if you'll eventually find your own preferred method of holding the camera, you
should always do so. To support the weight of the camera, position your left hand behind
the lens while holding the right side of the camera in your right hand.
The camera will be easier for you to hold motionless the closer you keep it to your body.
If you need more stability, you can stoop down or lean against a wall, but if there is
nothing to lean against, taking a broader stance can also be beneficial.

2. Best for portraiture is a wide aperture.

While shooting representations, whether of individuals or creatures, your subject should
be the primary focal point of the image and the most ideal way to accomplish this is to
utilize a more extensive opening. This will keep your subject sharp, while obscuring any
interruptions behind the scenes.

Remember that a more modest f/number means a more extensive gap and the more
extensive the opening, the more sensational this impact will be. A few focal points can
go as low as f/1.2, however even gaps of f/5.6 can get the job done. To more readily
comprehend what the opening means for your pictures, change to Gap Need Mode (Av
or A) and have a go at making a few efforts with various gaps.

3. For landscapes, a narrow aperture is ideal.
Scene photos require an alternate methodology, since everything from the stones in the
forefront to the mountains behind the scenes should be strongly in center. So any time
you're shooting a scene where you maintain that everything should be completely in
center, you should choose a thin opening as opposed to a wide one.
A bigger f/number means a smaller opening, so go towards f/22 or higher, contingent
upon what your focal point permits. Once more, utilizing Opening Need Mode (Av or A)
will permit you to try different things with various gaps without stressing over changing
the shade speed each time.

4. Use caution when using the camera's flash.
If you don't watch out, utilizing your camera's implicit blaze around evening time or in low
light can prompt a few disagreeable impacts like red eyes and brutal shadows. As a rule,
it's smarter to wrench up the ISO and get noisier photographs than to utilize the
on-camera blaze and chance of demolishing the shot by and large.

Some of the time, in any case, there may basically not be sufficient light, and in the
event that you don't have off-camera lighting, you'll be left with no decision except for to
utilize the implicit blaze. On the off chance that you wind up in this present circumstance
and don't have any desire to miss the shot, there are two or three things you can do.
Most importantly, track down the glimmer settings in your camera's menu and decrease
splendor however much you can.

Second, you can take a stab at diffusing the light from the blaze by putting something
over it. Getting a piece of paper or misty scotch tape over the blaze, for example, can
assist with diffusing the light and relax it. Or on the other hand you could skip the light off
the roof by holding a touch of white cardboard before it at a point.

5. White balance adjustment techniques
White balance can assist you with catching varieties all the more precisely. Various kinds
of light have various qualities, so on the off chance that you don't change the white
balance, the tones in your photography might take on a marginally blue, orange or green
tint or 'temperature.'

White balance can be fixed in post handling, obviously, yet it can turn into a monotonous
piece assuming that you have many photographs that need slight changes made, so
getting this directly in the camera is better. A portion of the standard white balance
settings you'll find on your camera incorporate Programmed White balance, Light,
Overcast, Streak, Shade, Fluorescent and Tungsten.

Each of these is represented by an alternate symbol, so in the event that you don't know
which will be which, really take a look at your camera's manual. Programmed white
balance works okay in certain circumstances, however it's by and large best to change
the setting as per the sort of light you're shooting in.

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