Amalfi Coast in Places of Longing Sun-Kissed Lemons

Amalfi coast in places of longing sun-kissed lemons

Turquoise-blue sea, sunny-yellow lemons and beaches that can only be reached via beaten paths: In this article, Tatiana shows you the most beautiful places along the Amalfi Coast, has the ultimate insider tips for your vacation and reveals why she is happy to pay eight euros for Amalfi's signature.

By arriving from Naples you will first come to the town Sorrento which is the gateway to the Amalfi Coast.

In Sorrento we strengthen ourselves one last time before heading to the Amalfi Coast. Actually only planned as a stopover, Sorrento turns out to be a little surprise. Small boutiques line the pedestrian zone, ice cream parlors outdo each other with the number of their ice cream flavors and tourists and locals scurry busily through the small city center to enjoy the sunshine. Tip: The pizza tastes particularly good in the Pizzeria da Franco !


Positano: A fishing village, a dream

"I would love to go to Positano!" said my mother with an expectant look months before our trip and that's the only reason why we actually started our mother-daughter road trip along the Amalfitana. Positano is probably the most famous place on the Amalfi Coast, once a fishing village, today a meeting place for the rich and famous. And visitors like us, who stroll fascinated down the many stairs and through small alleys into the center of Positano, lined all around by steep cliffs, which are built over and over with small, colorful houses. How do you get your weekly shopping home here, I think for a moment, and whether it doesn't get way too crowded here in the summer with all the tourists. Until we sit down on the beach in one of the bars and we both look at the small bay with glassy eyes: Positano is uniquely beautiful. Travel dream fulfilled.

Restaurant insider tip: Positano is an expensive place. There are enough good restaurants, but they are also correspondingly expensive. A pleasant exception is Casa e Bottega , a sister spot to hip Next 2. Modern Italian cuisine is served here in a fresh setting. A feast for the eyes at a moderate price.

Salerno: Insider tip behind the Amalfi Coast

Strictly speaking, the Amalfi Coast ends just before Salerno. However, I don't want to withhold this insider tip from you! Most vacationers don't drive that far and turn back before Salerno. Salerno is a friendly Italian city with an unexpected amount of history. Although the typical Amalfi Coast panorama with cliffs and rocks is missing here, the old town, which is (still) undiscovered by tourist crowds, has a rough charm that is the perfect complement to the tranquil towns of the Amalfi Coast. In my opinion, it's only a matter of time before hordes of tourists invade Salerno - so get there while it's still an insider tip!

The School of Salerno, one of the first medical schools in Europe, was founded in Salerno at the beginning of the 10th century. In addition to research and teaching, the effects of medicinal plants have also been studied, in gardens such as the Giardino della Minerva , which was opened to the public a few years ago. Even if I'm not usually enthusiastic about botany or medicine: In the adjoining cafe, we enjoyed the tranquility of the beautiful garden with a tea or cappuccino and soaked up the last rays of Italian sunshine before heading home.

Insider tips for the Amalfi Coast

Arrival: The Amalfi Coast can be reached quickly from Naples Airport: Sorrento is just under an hour's drive from where you can start your journey along the coast. If you don't want to rent a car, you can also use public transport. The so-called SITA buses run between Sorrento and Salerno along every place on the Amalfi Coast, but this is less flexible and the buses are very crowded in summer. Timetables are then more of a rough guide than binding times.

Alternatively, there are numerous ferry connections from Naples, Capri, Sorrento and Salerno to the individual towns, especially in the high season. But that takes away from the unforgettable experience of driving along the coast road. Day tours to the most important places on the Amalfi Coast are also offered from Naples, but it is really worth investing more than just a day in the region.

Accommodation: There are countless accommodation options along the Amalfi Coast famous for it's Amalfi coast villas . Early reservation is advisable in the high season. Parking spaces are often scarce.

For those who place less value on luxury and are enthusiastic about unusual accommodation, I recommend my insider tip: At the Santa Fortunata campsite near Sorrento you can not only park without hesitation, there are also small, well-equipped bungalows with a view for non-campers on Sorrento Bay. In summer you can have breakfast under the olive groves on your own terrace and then swim a few lengths either in the on-site pool or on the beach. (Note: the campsite is only open during the season from April to October.)


Beaches & Swimming: As beautiful as the sea on the Amalfi Coast is, there are fewer classic beach paradises to be found there. Often there is only access to small bays on rugged rocks or the sand on the few "real" beaches is dark. Space is usually limited. Slightly larger and more accessible beaches can be found in Positano or Maiori, for example. There are also a few hidden bathing bays such as the Spaggia Cavallo Morto near Maiori: The romantic bay with turquoise blue water can only be reached from the water! Small motor boats with or without a skipper, with which you can approach these small bays, can be rented in all towns on the Amalfi Coast, eg Amalfi or Maiori.

What to bring: In addition to my usual Italian souvenirs such as olive oil, pasta and Parmesan cheese, this time a lot of limoncello and a bit of handicrafts (I love these colorful plates!) ended up in my suitcase alongside the lemons. So be sure to leave room in your suitcase!

Incidentally, my two precious lemons only survived a full two days in Berlin before they became inedible. I think they just missed the Italian lightness and the sunny climate of the Amalfi Coast. Would be understandable.

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