Free Article Submission Sites: 200+ Best Top Article Websites (New List 2023)

Free Article Submission Sites New List 2023

For new writers, free article submission sites are a terrific resource to help you publish your writing. But another benefit is that writing and submitting your articles can also help you improve the off-page SEO of your new blog. It’s challenging to find readers online, so it takes a bit of effort. Every new writer starts from scratch, but many find ways to succeed. Publishing articles is one of the best ways to help you improve your writing, find readers and promote your blog.

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What are free article submission sites?

These are sites where you can publish your articles for free and often with instant approval. You can use them to publish articles to promote your brand, business, informational topics, or your area of expertise.
The biggest benefit for many content writers and bloggers is that you can include links in your articles. For a new writer, understanding how links work is important. There are two styles of links: dofollow and nofollow. A dofollow link is of higher value because it can pass on some authority to your blog. But a nofollow link still has some SEO value. If you are using a free blogging platform, these links will help you a lot. Click link

Experienced article writers look for free article submission sites that have a high Semrush domain ranking and allow dofollow links. But if you only want to publish articles and don’t have a blog to promote, there is no need to worry about the SEO value of links. {fullWidth}

No shortcuts to quality article writing

A great article incorporates all the features you need when you write a blog post. You need to research your keywords and read some competitive articles to understand what you need to cover in your text. As for your article title, you need to craft it to attract a reader’s attention. You should also use paragraph headings to make your points clear. Selecting relevant images, graphs, and screenshots can also add more value to an article. Writing a quality article takes time. But it’s worth it because it will be online for a long time. Can you publish an article on more than one site?

Yes, it’s possible. But it’s not a good idea. When you publish the same article on different sites, it will diminish its value. Google will not know which one is the authoritative article, so it will stand little chance of being indexed. A better idea is to use links between your articles. If you write about fruit in one article, add a dofollow link to your other article about vegetables. It’s the same as how a blogger uses internal links between blog posts. When you have published ten or twenty articles, your links between them will help you get more readers. The links will also assist in possibly getting your articles indexed by search engines.

Create Backlinks for your website

250 + Free Article Submission Sites List (High DA PA) of 2023

Are you searching for a High DA PA Article Submission Sites list on the web to get quality Do-follow Backlinks and Boost DA PA? So don’t worry, I’m here with the List of Article Submission Sites.

In Today’s Link Building Guide, I will share with you the High DA PA Free Article Submission sites list, these sites will give totally Do-follow backlinks for your blog. Article submission sites are the easiest and most effective Off-Page SEO technique to create quality Do-follow backlinks.

But apart from this, there are many options to get quality Do-follow backlinks.

Like profile creation, blog commenting sites, forum backlinks, etc. You can get thousands of High-quality Do-follow backlinks for your blog.

Besides, Guest Posting Sites are also a great way to build quality contextual do-follow backlinks and also good relationships with industry leaders. But in this post, we will discuss article submission sites.

​I have created a list of article submission sites. And in Today’s tutorial, I am sharing the list of High DA PA Article Submission Sites for free.

So First, Let me know about it.

Why Article Submission is Good for SEO?

Everyone wants backlinks from the High DA PA websites. Because it is necessary to increase Blog traffic and DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). When we create backlinks, we get referral traffic along with the link juice from that website. And You know why backlinks are important.

Now let us know about those things which you should keep in mind while making backlinks. Use relevant anchor text for SEO always while making backlinks.

But do you know some backlinks are harmful to your site? Making a backlink is an art and a great part of off-page SEO. And You really need quality backlinks to boost your rankings in search engines.

90% of beginners are making backlinks in the wrong way, which affects their blogs and rankings.

Don’t worry when I was at the beginning. I also have done these nasty things. So don’t make backlinks without knowing the proper ways. Let’s start with a humble beginning.

When I searched on Google for a “free article submission sites list” then I found many outdated websites which are giving you many outdated things. There are many blog posts that have not been updated for several years. Many of their links are also not working well.

So I thought to give you the best information which you all need.

Let’s know…

How to Submit Articles to Article Submission Sites?

Follow simple steps to Submit your content to Article Submission Sites.

  • Step #1. Go to any Article Submission Site from these lists, and find the Login or Signup Button. If you are a new user, then you have to create an account.
  • Step #2. After creating an account, log in to that website. And Find Submit Article Button and Click on it.
  • Step #3. After that, you have to enter the Article Title, Images, Author Name, etc.
  • Step #4. And Submit your Article.

Let’s dive into the newly updated article submission sites list for submitting your valuable Articles.


All Types of Article Submission Sites

S.No Best Article Submission Sites

Top 10 Article Submission Sites in 2023

S.No Top Article Submission Sites DA PA
1 92 70
2 92 73
3 90 62
4 89 69
5 87 72
6 77 65
7 75 61
8 62 48
9 55 58
10 53 61

High DA PA Free Article Submission Sites List

S.No. Article Submission Sites Link Type
1 DoFollow
2 DoFollow
3 DoFollow
4 DoFollow
5 DoFollow
6 DoFollow
7 DoFollow
8 DoFollow
9 DoFollow
10 DoFollow
11 DoFollow
12 DoFollow
13 DoFollow
14 DoFollow
15 DoFollow
16 DoFollow
17 DoFollow
18 DoFollow
19 DoFollow
20 DoFollow
21 DoFollow
22 DoFollow
23 DoFollow
24 DoFollow
25 DoFollow
26 DoFollow
27 DoFollow
28 DoFollow
29 DoFollow
30 DoFollow
31 DoFollow
32 DoFollow
33 DoFollow
34 DoFollow
35 DoFollow
36 DoFollow
37 DoFollow
38 DoFollow
39 DoFollow
40 DoFollow
41 DoFollow
42 DoFollow
43 DoFollow
44 DoFollow
45 DoFollow
46 DoFollow
47 DoFollow
48 DoFollow
49 DoFollow
50 DoFollow
51 DoFollow
52 DoFollow
53 DoFollow
54 DoFollow
55 DoFollow
56 DoFollow
57 DoFollow
58 DoFollow
59 DoFollow
60 DoFollow
61 DoFollow
62 DoFollow
63 DoFollow
64 DoFollow
65 DoFollow
66 DoFollow
67 DoFollow
68 DoFollow
69 DoFollow
70 DoFollow
71 DoFollow
72 DoFollow
73 DoFollow
74 DoFollow
75 DoFollow
76 DoFollow
77 DoFollow
78 DoFollow
79 DoFollow
80 DoFollow
81 DoFollow
82 DoFollow
83 DoFollow
84 DoFollow
85 DoFollow
86 DoFollow
87 DoFollow
88 DoFollow
89 DoFollow
90 DoFollow
91 DoFollow
92 DoFollow
93 DoFollow
94 DoFollow
95 DoFollow
96 DoFollow
97 DoFollow
98 DoFollow
99 DoFollow
100 DoFollow
101 DoFollow
102 DoFollow
103 DoFollow
104 DoFollow
105 DoFollow
106 DoFollow
107 DoFollow
108 DoFollow
109 DoFollow
110 DoFollow
111 DoFollow
112 DoFollow
113 DoFollow
114 DoFollow
115 DoFollow
116 DoFollow
117 DoFollow
118 DoFollow
119 DoFollow
120 DoFollow
121 DoFollow
122 DoFollow
123 DoFollow
124 DoFollow
125 DoFollow
126 DoFollow
127 DoFollow
128 DoFollow
129 DoFollow
130 DoFollow
131 DoFollow
132 DoFollow
133 DoFollow
134 DoFollow
135 DoFollow
136 DoFollow
137 DoFollow
138 DoFollow
139 DoFollow
140 DoFollow
141 DoFollow
142 DoFollow
143 DoFollow
144 DoFollow
145 DoFollow
146 DoFollow
147 DoFollow
148 DoFollow
149 DoFollow
150 DoFollow
151 DoFollow
152 DoFollow
153 DoFollow
154 DoFollow
155 DoFollow
156 DoFollow
157 DoFollow
158 DoFollow
159 DoFollow
160 DoFollow
161 DoFollow
162 DoFollow
163 DoFollow
164 DoFollow
165 DoFollow
166 DoFollow
167 DoFollow
168 DoFollow
169 DoFollow
170 DoFollow
171 DoFollow
172 DoFollow
173 DoFollow
174 DoFollow
175 DoFollow
176 DoFollow
177 DoFollow
178 DoFollow
179 DoFollow
180 DoFollow
181 DoFollow
182 DoFollow
183 DoFollow
184 DoFollow
185 DoFollow
186 DoFollow
187 DoFollow
188 DoFollow
189 DoFollow
190 DoFollow
191 DoFollow
192 DoFollow
193 DoFollow
194 DoFollow
195 DoFollow
196 DoFollow
197 DoFollow
198 DoFollow
199 DoFollow
200 DoFollow
201 DoFollow
202 DoFollow
203 DoFollow
204 DoFollow
205 DoFollow
206 DoFollow
207 DoFollow


Instant Approval Article Submission Sites

S. No. Article Submission Sites DA PA
1 89 77
2 95 76
3 93 76
4 93 72
5 92 73
6 92 70
7 92 67
8 91 75
9 91 70
10 90 61
11 87 100
12 87 72
13 82 59
14 75 58
15 73 63
16 73 44
17 72 61
18 71 59
19 69 60
20 65 63
21 53 58
22 50 58
23 50 57
24 38 41
25 26 40

Article Submission Sites FAQs

Article Submission is a Part of Content Marketing that refers to an Off-Page SEO technique. In which you write an article and submit it to Top Article Submission Sites.

There are Free article submission sites without registration.

By writing and publishing articles, you can increase your brand recognition on the Web through these Article Submission Sites.

You can include your Blog or Website Links in these Articles so that you can get do-follow Backlinks from Article Submission Sites.

Article submission has many benefits. It includes advertising, publicity, and marketing of your business on the Web.


I hope my friends, you liked this Free High DA PA Article Submission Sites list which will give you high-quality Do-follow backlinks.

I have given you a list of Do-follow new Updated Article Submission Sites in India, Pakistan, the UK, USA and many more. And most sites are tried and tested by me.

If I have missed some article submission websites or some links have not worked then, please let me know in the comment box and I will put those Article Submission Sites in this list.

So, others will also get benefits from those sites. If you have any questions or suggestions, then feel free to leave a comment.

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