Basic of Full Stack Development

Basic of Full Stack Development

Full Stack refers to the meaning of designing,  testing, and developing software development. Full-stack Development Consists of two processes. The First one is the Front End which is the front side and the Second one is the Back end server side. The front end gives the meaning of the user interface, the second one gives the meaning of business logic and application workflow.

Full-stack web developers have the knowledge to design web applications and websites. They work on the front end, back end, and database for debugging web applications.


Front-end development: In the website front end is the visible part and it gives the impression to the user. the user may easily interact with the front-end sides of the web application.

The front-end development is made up of some programming languages. they are

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script

HTML: HTML gives the definition of Hypertext markup languages. It helps to develop the front-end side of web applications. HTML is mingled with both  Hyper Text And Markup Languages. The Hypertext gives information like the link between the web pages. Where the markup languages give information like text documentation for the structure of the web pages.

CSS: CSS gives the meaning of cascading style sheets. Its entity differs from HTML. It is the easiest language that makes web pages presentable. The Cascading style sheet is used for styling the web application for developing the front side. The CSS allows freedom to make up a single page in style.

Javascript: Javascript is a programming language that is used to build some magic on the sites for the user to interact with the websites. The java javascript holds the functionality of websites for cool games and web applications software.


Back-end  development:  It works on the server side of web applications. It mainly focuses on how websites work. The Back end handles the database by answering the queries and AI on the client side. The Back end development has three groups which are libraries, frameworks, and languages.

PHP, C++, python. Java and Node JS

PHP: PHP works on the server side of web applications. It's specially made for web development. The PHP codes are mainly executed on the server side so it is named the server-side script languages.

C++: C++ is the general-purpose programming language widely used nowadays by developers. It is a competitive language. Therefore it is used as back-end knowledge.


Java: Java is a popular programming language and it's widely used for programming on the server side. It is highly scalable and java components are easily available. 

Python: Python is the programming language that helps to work quickly and interact with more efficiently.


Database: the database is the collection of interrelated data that helps in the efficient retrieval, insertion, and recovery of data and organizes the data in the forms of tables, views, reports, and schemes.

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