Eye Palming in Ayurveda for Relaxed, Dry, and Burning Eyes

Eye Palming in Ayurveda for Relaxed, Dry, and Burning Eyes

An age-old Ayurveda in Kuwait practise known as eye palming helps to promote deep relaxation, soothe dry, itchy eyes, and calm the nervous and mental systems. Learn how to do eye palming and other at-home Ayurvedic eye remedies.


Our eyes receive a substantial amount of stimulation, information, and irritability, taxing both our nervous system and our eyes. Integrating eye palming into your everyday routines is a quick, efficient, and calming eye (alochoka pitta) practise (morning, evening and throughout the day).

Alochaka Pitta has an impact on our perception of the physical and psychological aspects of the universe. It controls both our interior vision and discernment as well as visual processes like those of our eyes and retina.

Ayurveda Palming Techniques to Calm Your Eyes and Soul

Aligning your spine, trunk, and head while sitting. You can either recline on the ground or a chair. If you decide to sit in a chair, maintain your legs at a comfortable 90-degree angle and move away from the back support. Better still if you can do it in complete darkness, but don't let that deter you. It's a good idea to practise eye palming throughout the workday, particularly if you use a computer or other screen-based equipment frequently.

Now, mash your hands collectively to generate some pleasant warmth. Put your hands over your eyes softly, with your eyes closed. Resist putting pressure on the eyes.

Maintain your diaphragmatic respiration while palming. Bring your palms down whenever you feel ready while keeping your eyes closed, gently breathing in and out.

This palming exercise can be used at any time of the day, including your early and evening routines.

Eye Remedies in Ayurveda You Can Perform at Home

Put on your shades. It shields our eyes from sunshine, pollen, and pollution. According to Columbia University Medical Center, if the sunglasses are worn properly and the UV-blocking lenses are used, sunglasses are beneficial to your health.

Utilize antioxidants to cleanse your eyes. According to the National Institute for Health, lutein and zeaxanthin are the most effective vitamins.

Use your technology, don't let it use you! Our heads and our eyeballs benefit from yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and guided relaxation. Since ancient times, Ayurveda, Yoga in kuwait discipline, has known that these techniques can calm irritated eyes by calming Pitta and grounding Vata doshas. If you find yourself spending hours a day in front of a screen, adopt these three healthy practises.


Correctly close your eyes. Although it may sound absurd, many of us are not allowing our lids to join together properly. We want the lids to softly slam together, but we don't need to squeeze them together as if we're wincing in pain.

Why? Because of the motion's effect on the muscles that control the eyes' oil glands, which milk those glands and release lovely lubricants that lubricate our eyes. Imagine your two wrists overlapping each other and applying light pressure. Our eyes must perform that function for us.

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