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Food Grade Desiccant

Food grade desiccant products of Cilicant in Desiccant Pouch preserve the color, texture, smell, and taste of Processed Food and Edibles, ensuring longer life. We are leading oxygen absorber packets supplier, which are ideal for food storage for longer preservation, absorbing 98% of oxygen from the product. Cilicant Oxygen Absorber actively preserve the freshness, flavour, and stability of Pharmaceutical packaged products by limiting oxygen-induced degradation. - moisture absorber packets for food storage


Oxygen Absorber

Little packets called oxygen absorbers are filled with iron powder. In order to prevent oxygen from causing any damage to the food products, these packets are typically placed over the packaged foods. These packets are constructed in such a way that even though oxygen and moisture can get inside, the iron powder will never seep out. As oxygen is absorbed by the iron powder, the food's quality is preserved.

Why Oxygen Absorbers are needed?

The adverse effects of oxygen on food products are well established. When oxygen and moisture combine, aerobic bacteria and mould can grow on food. These microorganisms can alter the food's quality, colour, odour, or taste, which is absolutely undesirable. By covering the food with oxygen absorbers, moisture and oxygen are totally absorbed, preserving the packaged food's natural quality, colour, and flavour.


Use of Oxygen Absorbers

In the food sector, oxygen absorbers are often utilized when packing food for long-term storage. Almost all types of dry goods, including pasta and noodles, rice, salt, and others, are commonly packaged with oxygen absorbers. As the iron powder does not leak out and contaminate the foods, these absorbers are safe for the products.

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