Four Top Negotiation Tactics

Four Top Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation is an art. It's creating shared understanding and a mutually agreed upon agreement. It is also part of a day-to-day approach to problem-solving. When you negotiate, you are asserting your interests and reaching a solution that helps satisfy everyone's interests. Here are some tactics and tools to help you negotiate effectively.


1. Keep Your Goals In Mind

Before starting your negotiation, make sure that your goals are clear. Identify them early so you can use them as a guide throughout the process. Identify your bottom line. What is the least you can accept and still be satisfied with the outcome? This way, you know where you want things to end up and, more specifically, what needs to be done to get there.

Look at the big picture. If you can't get everything you want, what's most important to you? Consider your options. What are the pros and cons of each option? You can use these in a negotiation. You can express how one option will positively affect the other parties and how it will also satisfy their needs. If a solution isn't possible, you'll have an alternative to suggest.

2. Make your Interests Known

Be clear about what you want and need. If you don't make your interests known from the beginning, it's easy to miss out on opportunities. State this clearly and directly. Be open about your needs, so there's no doubt about where you stand and what you expect. The other person may have different goals or needs. These interests can overlap.

Walk in the other person's shoes and try to understand their point of view. It will help you come up with creative ideas and options. You can ask questions and make notes/reminders of points you want to bring up. If you need more clarification on what they want, ask them directly before you get started. It's essential to ask the right questions and listen for the answers.

3. Be Clear and Concise

Avoid making statements so broad that they can't be agreed upon. Use accurate but simple language. Don't confuse the other party with technical jargon or complicated terms. Be specific about what you need, what you are offering, and when you need something done. Put it in writing so the other party doesn't misunderstand your intentions later. If you don't state it clearly, they won't know what's important to you and can't help you get it.

During negotiation training, you'll learn how to use language to persuade others to get what you want. Your phrasing will affect how people react to you. Use words that convey power and confidence. Slow down your speech and avoid using fillers. Have an agenda so you remember everything necessary.


4. Give and Take

Be open to the other person's ideas. Don't immediately dismiss them. Be open to changing your position if it means reaching a better outcome for both of you. Sometimes, reaching an agreement will mean making compromises. One party may need to give up something if that's what it takes to reach an agreement. Find a solution from which everyone can benefit and feel good about the outcome.

After you've made your interests known, listen carefully to the other party's response. Try not to interrupt when they're talking, even if you disagree with them or don't like what they're saying. If you want to change the other person's opinion, give them time to respond and think about your response. Don't say anything until you want to change their tune.

Negotiation doesn't have to be a conflict. If you're open to the other person's ideas, they'll be more likely to agree. Sometimes, sparring with the other party will stimulate your thinking and lead you to a more creative solution. Try using these tactics next time you need to negotiate and notice how it opens up new opportunities for you.

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