Maya Chatbot for Pharma Industry by Smartbots

Maya Chatbot for Pharma Industry by Smartbots

Abbott, in association with SmartBots.AI, has efficaciously launched an innovative new digital assistant to assist and interact with their pan-India income pressure — and her name is Maya bot. As a worldwide healthcare company, Abbott has taken a leadership position in implementing virtual solutions across all stakeholders, which include patients, doctors, and employees, through the adoption of integrated generation answers.


In early 2018, Abbott became the first in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry to installation an AI assistant for its field force. Abbott’s Pharmaceuticals Division initiated a pilot by using getting around 3,000 sales personnel to begin enticing with Maya for their daily queries.

Maya acts as a private assistant to the employee, presenting income operations aid and retaining them ready for the day, providing access to contextual records at their fingertips. She is their digital assistant while they are inside the field assembly doctors. With Maya managing the nitty-gritty of querying and fetching records from business enterprise applications, an employee can attend to the crucial factors of his function and leave the spadework to Maya.

Moreover, Maya is a Pharma Chatbot with a personality. Developed through SmartBots AI and powered by means of Amazon’s LeX era, she makes use of a voice or chat interface to speak with personnel in simple herbal language and offers them the help they need. She acts as a facilitator, helping personnel to faucet into a business enterprise know-how base (like SalesForce or Tableau) thru familiar, easy-to-use verbal exchange channels.

The effects of this pilot look at have been encouraging. Since launch, Maya has addressed near 12,000 queries. Currently, 32% of the month-to-month queries raised via Abbott reps at the moment are being answered by means of Maya with a 74% fulfillment fee. Medical representatives can also check their execution parameters, expense reimbursement status, plan for the day, and go away balance on Maya main to elevated satisfaction. 69% of the field pressure charge Maya as helpful.

Having tested Maya’s talents with the Sales team, Abbott has deployed this virtual assistant to more than 8,000 employees and plans to apply the SmartBots AI platform to construct bots for several different departments.

Deepak Chembath, director of enterprise effectiveness, Abbott India said, “While Maya started out as a talk BOT answering redundant questions, over a time period the scope of Maya grew. With integration across company systems and self-learning (device learning) from usage, Maya makes it easy for the field pressure to access crucial enterprise insights.”

“With most industrial chatbots, failures aren't dealt with well however with Maya, any unanswered query gets logged as a price tag with our employee helpdesk. The particular differentiator is that Maya gets continuously trained on failed questions and is able to solve such questions going forward, for that reason making it an intuitive generation,” he added.

“We designed Maya chatbot to adapt to every single conversation. She has supervised gadget learning talents that assist flag any unexpected behavior. Our goal is to offer a platform where agencies can build and control their very own bots, depending on their employees’ precise needs. We can installation bots throughout multiple channels, like Skype or Alexa, and can be used with the aid of anyone who wants enterprise insights proper at their fingertips,” concluded Narsimha Rao Polisetty, Founder of SmartBots.


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