Monster Fish Aquarium

Monster Fish Aquarium

Amongst fish species for sale in aquarium shops, there are some fish like Arowana, Sting ray, Peacock bass, Indonesian tiger, alligator gar, Oscar, giant gourami, etc which can grow very large. Now, these fish have specific needs and requirements. These Monster fish can be fascinating pets for those who understand their needs and can keep them properly. When these fish are small in size maybe around 2” to 7” in a shop’s tank they look very appealing, but before buying them one needs to be careful and plan well in advance as such fish need Monster fish tanks. If you are keen on keeping Monster Fish you should always keep in mind space you will need for a huge aquarium, also other supporting apparatus, food and maintenance involved. These fish are very hardy and can have a life span of 20 years or so. Mostly such fish are displayed in public aquariums.


Monster Fish Water Requirements

Monster Fish produce large amounts of waste, which could consist of fish food and feces particles which makes it necessary to have a strong filtration system. High-capacity canister filters, sump-filters, and outdoor pond filters are all good choices. Along with this, a 20% to 30% water change is recommended. 

A fishkeeper needs to keep a close eye on water parameters and always monitor water levels for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, phosphate, silicate, chlorine, and hardness. Proper and consistent water parameters are very important for a stable aquarium. Testing the water regularly, monitoring the results, will be helpful and give one time to medicate the aquarium in case of any vital signs and emergency situation Big fish need big aquariums.

A 1000 lts aquarium is the minimum size for Monster Fish species. Depending on the Monster species, you will have to plan and provide enough swimming area, large decorations that are stable enough so that fish cannot easily move or knock them. Artificial plants should be introduced and they should have strong bases and heaters should have guards or there should be a provision to install them outside the aquarium or they should be made of stainless steel. The tank should have a strong and secure cover on the tank to prevent fish from jumping out.

The perfect temperature range is 26° to 28°C as per Indian conditions. Some of the species need warmer water conditions as compared to others. A thermometer and a thermostat are a prime necessity in such monster tanks. A stick-on type thermometer enables you to check the temperature but one should not completely depend on a mere thermometer.   India's First Private Aquarium Gallery and Pet World 

Monster Fish Food Requirements

Big Fish require a good amount of protein in their diet. Along with that dry shrimps, krill, special worm flakes, feeding fish, etc will help in their growth and in the body pattern glow. Along with this is it very necessary to keep in min the feeding timings. You should feed the fish at least twice or thrice daily. The fish should finish all the food in two minutes. Avoid Overfeeding as it leads to cloudy water and will harm your fish.


Monster Fishtank Inmates

  • Oscar
  • Plecos common 
  • Giant Gourami
  • Black Pacu piranha
  • Clown knife fish
  • Arowana
  •  Peacock bass
  • Parrots
  • Redtail catfish
  • Shovelnose catfish
  • Stingray

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