Top 7 Cloud Application Testing Tools

Top 7 Cloud Application Testing Tools

Best Cloud Application Testing Tools With the whole world moving through remote tech demographics in the post-pandemic world, more enterprises than ever are shifting from traditional structures to scalable cloud infrastructure. According to Gartner, almost 51% of IT costs are invested by businesses to shift into a public cloud system, indicating the shift to the cloud has become a focal point for modern brands. However, moving to a cloud-based infrastructure comes with its own set of functionality, maintenance, and security challenges making cloud application testing essential.

Having a reliable cloud application testing process in place would help you to create scalable solutions for your business. Let’s further dive into concepts of cloud application testing and tools you can use for testing your cloud application with ease.


What is Cloud Application Testing?

Testing your cloud-based solution with cloud application testing is essential for businesses to deliver reliable solutions for their clientele. Further, when you combine the testing principle with testing tools designed specifically for your cloud apps, you can speed up the whole testing process and deliver results much faster to match up for the rapid deployment process.

Key Metrics for Performing Cloud Application Testing

You can access multiple testing services within the umbrella of the cloud application testing process such as functional testing, security testing, scalability, and performance testing to ensure your cloud application aligns with your business needs. Here’s a detailed list of key metrics you must focus on for successful cloud application testing:-

  1. Focus on creating a scalable testing setup that scales as your app grows in size and user base.
  2. Ensure your testing environment is easily accessible for teams and stakeholders
  3. Make sure the testing plan doesn’t have unnecessary iterations in them to make it cost-effective

Top Tools For Testing Your Cloud Application

Now that you know how testing your cloud-based application can dramatically help you improve your cloud application’s quality, all that’s remaining is the right testing tool. While choosing a reliable tool for testing, you must ensure that your QA Engineers are well-versed with it and it can cater to all nooks and crannies of your cloud application with ease. Here is the list of cloud application testing tools you can use for an effortless testing process:-

SOASTA Cloud Tests: A cloud-based testing platform that helps developers test cloud-based solutions effectively. The platform allows you to build a scalable testing environment for efficient team collaboration and rapid deployment.

Jenkins Dev Cloud: If your application needs consistent deployment and integration, the Jenkins Dev Cloud would be a perfect choice. It further provides several mobile tools to ensure an effortless testing process.

Watir: Watir is a ruby-based testing tool with a wide array of features that helps in the smooth testing process. It has a user-friendly library for testing that is free to use, making it a perfect choice if you’re looking for affordable testing tools.

Xamarin Testing Tools: This testing tool is a perfect choice if you’re planning for large-scale testing. It facilitates rapid testing on multiple devices for easier UI acceptance testing and highly accurate results.

BlazeMeter: For cloud-based solutions that need comprehensive load and performance testing BlazeMeter would be the right fit. It helps QA Engineers by providing comprehensive load testing reports and solving complex test case scenarios through team-collaboration

TestLink: This is yet another amazing testing tool you can adapt to for cloud application testing. It helps QA Engineers in creating robust test plans and executing them.

AppTwack: AppTwack is an easy-to-use and reliable testing tool that helps you to test out Android, iOS, and mobile applications effectively.


Are You Ready For Cloud Application Testing?

Now that you’re all loaded with the knowledge of how testing your cloud-based solutions can assist you with better security and scalability, it’s time to get started with the testing process! However, if the whole process setup looks overwhelming, you can reach out to reliable cloud application testing providers such as QASource right away. At QASource, our testing engineers help you plan and implement a reliable testing process for successful solution deployment.

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