All You Need to Know About Yamaha MT 15 Before Purchasing

Yamaha Mt 15 Before Purchasing

Are you a frequent traveller? Do you have any problem travelling by bus, train or aeroplane? Then there is an easy solution for you. The only means of transportation that helps you to travel freely all around the world is none other than a bike. 

Whether you want to travel through a wet surface, rough terrain, or a smooth way, the only bike will allow you to move without any hectic journey. Over the years, Yamaha has been the company that is fulfilling the expectations and demands of bikers. Among many versions of Yamaha bikes, Mt 15 is one of the best choices for riders. To be very precise, the Yamaha mt 15 new colours will make you fall in love with this particular bike. 

Here in this article, let's have a detailed talk about Yamaha Mt 15.



Originally, the Yamaha motor was established in 1955 in Japan. Then it started its production in India in the year 1985. Initially, the company launched the first-ever Mt 15 series with some features in 2019, but after observing the high requirements of the buyers, the company is gradually upgrading the features and making it a technology freak model. Here are some exclusive features of this wonderful machine.

Agility and Aggression

If you are looking for a bike that has the most amazing feature of agility and aggression with the Aluminium Swingarm, the dual channel ABS(Anti Brake System), and Traction Control System, then go for the Mt 15 model. 

If you are planning a road trip to Ladakh by bike, then reduce your tension. The Traction Control System of Mt 15 will help you to lessen the chances of slippage in hilly areas. Not only that, the dual channel ABS with 282 mm front and 220 mm back disk brake will assist you in achieving control over this fighter at the time of braking by limiting the lock of the wheel.

The Aluminium Swingarm of this bike will bring a wide smile to your face. The most important feature aids the riders in controlling the waviness of the roads.

The Power of Engine

The common question that comes from buyers while purchasing any bike is about the power of the engine. The 155cc, 4-valve, fluid-cooled engine is the most efficient and trusted. The Yamaha Mt 15 is equipped with a single cylinder with a fuel capacity of 10 litres that frames the mechanism.

About Wheel and Tyre

Mt 15 manages high speed with a 140mm radial back tyre that has the flexibility to grip more efficiently at the time of cornering. The classy look of the wheel will present you with more stylish on the roads. The upside-down front fork offers a stiff set-up at the time of braking and cornering.

LED Lights

During the time of dark evening, one can enjoy day-like lights from LED headlights and flashlights. The compact, fashionable headlights will give you extra confidence in night vision.


Other Smart Features

There are some other smart features, such as: 

  • Fuel Consumption Tracker 
  • Passenger Forrest 
  • Digital speedometer, etc.


Yamaha Mt 15 is there to make your ride easier and more comfortable on any road. The pricing is also within a grip. This stylish bike connects all bike lovers from towns to villages.

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