10 Things To Keep In Mind When Shipping A Car To Hawaii

10 Things To Keep In Mind When Shipping A Car To Hawaii

Relocating and shipping a car to a new place such as Hawaii can be a tedious task. This task can get more complicated if you don’t have things planned well. Taking care of all the logistics becomes difficult if you have not carried out such as task before. The first thing you should do when relocating is address your mistakes. Finding solutions becomes easier once you know your mistakes. Car shipping is not an easy process as you will be required to know several laws and regulations. Below are a few tips that you can implement to avoid uncertainties when shipping a car to Hawaii:

1. Compare the quotes provided by different companies:

Car shipping to Hawaii can be expensive. However, don't opt for an overly-priced alternative. Instead, check several shipping companies to compare the prices. Don't just opt for cheap car shipping companies as the services provided by them might not be up to the mark. Many car shipping companies also use an instant online quote calculator to get accurate quotes for door-to-door car transport.


2. Check the credibility of the shipping company:

If you want to ship your car to Hawaii, you should do a background check on the shipping company. Asking the shipping companies all your doubts will also help you know their reliability. A reputable company will never mind answering such questions. To get an accurate insight into their services, check the company's reviews on their website or search engine pages.

3. Don’t rely on the cheap shipping companies:

In Hawaii, car transport companies have to cover a range of costs such as fuel costs, trailer costs, toll fees, etc. A cheap car shipping company is likely to cut costs in such important areas. The cheapest auto transport companies might not even cover the cost of any damage that is caused during the shipping process.

4. Prepare your vehicle beforehand:

You should prepare your car before a carrier comes to pick it up. You can do this by carrying out a maintenance check on your car. Check if the tires are inflated properly and if the brakes are operational. Make sure that there are no leaking fuels. Clean the interior as well as the exterior of your car properly. Also, make a note of the damages that your car is subjected to before the shipping process. This will help you know if your car was damaged during the shipping process or not.

5. Remove all your belongings from the car before shipping it

Some people think putting their belongings in the car is an easier way to save up on moving costs. However, this should not be the case. This is because when you are shipping your car to Hawaii, putting belongings in the car is not permitted. However, this might be optional concerning the mainland US. Thus, remove all your belongings before shipping your car.

6. Have all the required documents ready:

Documents are very necessary when carrying out the car shipping process. Incorrect or missing documents can delay your car shipping timings. Therefore, check your documents well in advance. The documents play an important role in preventing theft and shipping a car to the right destination. This is why authorities are very strict concerning the documents. Also, check the validity of your documents. The documents may vary depending on the shipping company you choose. Make sure to ask the shipping company about all the required documents beforehand.

7. Be available at the delivery location:

Being available at the delivery location is very important for a smooth shipping process. Stay in touch with the carrier to track your shipment. There can be a case where you might not be able to reach the destination. In such as case, you can appoint a third party. Make sure that the third party knows all about the shipping process.

8. Consider the external factors:

There can be several external factors that might affect the car shipping process. These include bad weather conditions, road construction, heavy traffic, etc. These factors may lengthen the delivery timing. Therefore, considering these factors is important to know the car delivery date.


9. Inspect for any additional damages that have occurred:

You should inspect any existing damages on your car and note them in the bill of lading. When you receive your car, you should compare the car’s condition with the bill of lading. If you see any additional damages, you should mark it on the bill of lading. This is very unlikely to happen, but if it happens it will help you file a damage claim. Thus, not making a note of the damage will not enable you to get a damage claim.

10. Read all the terms and conditions beforehand:

Many people tend to avoid reading the terms and conditions. However, you should not ignore them. If you do not read them, you will not be aware of your rights and responsibilities.

The above-mentioned points will help you to make the car shipping process easier. When choosing a car shipping company, make sure you check their services and the cost to ship a car to Hawaii beforehand. These services may also include enclosed auto transport and open car transport.

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