Cleaning Gravestones - How Should It Be Done?

Cleaning Gravestones

Gravestone or Headstone is the timeless memory of your loved one; therefore, you & your family must take care of it. Routine cleaning is needed to keep it as aesthetic as it is. Some basic cleaning makes your loved one's Headstone timeless.

In this article, we will share how should a gravestone cleaning be done with a few simple steps.

Things you must check before embarking upon the cleaning process.


Check if the gravestone is cracked, chipped, r flake before starting the cleaning process. If you get any of these problems, we don't recommend cleaning the gravestone.

Never use a harsh brush or iron-containing water to scrub the surface of the gravestone. Using harsh cleaners like chloride, liquid dishwashers, or bleach is also not recommended.

D/2 is a good headstone cleaner that is good to use to remove moss and lichen. Let it dry on the surface of the Headstone for a while, then scrub the gravestone with a soft bristle brush.

  1. Clean the gravestone to eliminate any strains or biological growth: Check whether the gravestone really needs cleaning. Every gravestone likely develops a patina ( a slightly dark surface above the outer layer of the gravestone. Your gravestone needs cleaning if any kind of biological growth like algae, lichen, or fungi develops because they restore moisture, and these react with granite stone and produce acid, which is responsible for damaging the stone.
  2. Check if the gravestone is cracked, flaked or chipped:It is an important step before cleaning the gravestone. It is checked by gently tapping the surface of the gravestone. You should only clean this if you get a smooth sound. It reflects that the stone is not internally strong enough. You must check every side of the corner to get damage like cracking, flaking or excessive wearing tearing due to sublimation of the moisture.
  3. Pour water over the stone & let it soak thoroughly: You don't get a water supply in the cemetery ground. So, you need to carry adequate water to clean the gravestone. We recommend you carry 19 L of water for the gravestone to clean.

  4. Use plastic paper or scraper to scrape off the lichen, fungi, and moss: Press the plastic paper or scraper onto the upper layer of the gravestone and light scrape from top to bottom. Never press very hard. It may create small cracks inside. To clean the lichen and moss inside, you can clean them with a wooden popsicle or bamboo stick inside and then scrape these materials out.
  5. Scrub the surface of the gravestone with a soft bristle brush: Dip the brush in water and lightly scrub the gravestone to eradicate the grim. You must use a sponge to clean the marble or limestone because it is better than a soft bristle brush. Rub the scrubbing sponge in a circular motion without pressing hard.
  6. Take gentle tools & cleaning agents for better cleaning: Yes, soft bristle brush, less acidic and basic agents are recommended to use because they won't harm the gravestone. 

Don't clean custom monuments with bleach, chlorine, metal tool, scrub brushes made with bristle, detergents, and sandblasters.

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