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Our online CSS compressor takes your CSS scripts and identifies and removes older CSS scripts automatically that modern web pages no longer use for showing your web pages. It also reduces undesired large CSS rules into much smaller code. The actual style and layout of a web page will not be impacted with the use of this compressor.


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About CSS Minifier?

As the name implies, CSS Minifier is a tool used for minifying your CSS instructions. A couple of years ago, people could just wish for a tool that they could use for minimizing their CSS codes. But today, there is not just one CSS minifier tool, but many such tools available that can be used to minify CSS online. Many developers use CSS Minifier, a pretty useful tool for lowering the size of their CSS codes and for making their CSS online beautiful. It is the best practice and an advanced tool with which developers can generate a beautified version of their project and improve the speed of their website. Finally, merging all the CSS files of a website into a single file also helps to speed up the download time.

What is CSS Minify?

CSS minification is the process of getting rid of unnecessary or redundant data from a CSS file in the form of comments, white spaces, and block delimiters, to reduce its file size and improve its load times.

Why should you use our CSS Minifier?

You may be wondering why you should use our CSS minifier to minimize CSS online when there are hundreds of such tools available on the web. The reason for using our CSS minifier tool is that it is the simplest and best CSS optimizer tool that users can use for beautifying their CSS online. With the help of this online CSS minifier tool, you can compress a CSS file within no time and with no difficulty. Equipped with a user-friendly interface, our CSS optimizer enables you to compress CSS files in the simplest possible way. It is a fast and simple CSS minifier that is available online and that you can use free of charge.

Various reasons for using our CSS Minifier?

You should use a CSS minifier because it can help to enhance the performance of your website or web application in various ways:

  1. Lesser file size: By removing unnecessary or redundant data from your CSS files, a CSS minifier can greatly reduce the file size, which thus results in faster download times for users.
  2. Improved load times: The smaller the file size of your CSS files, the faster they will get loaded. This thus helps to improve the overall performance and user experience of your website or application.
  3. Better server performance: Due to faster load times, your server will also yield a better performance because it will not be bogged down by large CSS files. This in turn allows it to manage more traffic and provide an improved experience to your users.
  4. Faster page rendering: Faster load times of CSS files can also result in faster page rendering times, because the browser does not need to wait for the CSS files to download and parse before rendering the page.
  5. Improved code organization: Minifying your CSS files can also help to enhance the organization of your code by taking rid of redundant data and lessening the file size, which thus makes it easier to maintain and debug.

How can I use the CSS Minifier tool?

For using the CSS Minifier tool, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, paste your CSS code on the input text area provided on this page.
  2. Next, Click on the "Minify CSS" button for minifying the CSS code
  3. The minified CSS code will get displayed on the second text area.
  4. To copy the minified code, just press the "Copy Minified CSS" button.

CSS minification with our free of charge and easy-to-use CSS minifier tool is extremely simple. You just need to copy and paste your CSS code on the text box and press the “Minify CSS” blue button. CSS Minifier will provide you results within seconds.  {alertSuccess}

 That's it! The CSS Minifier tool will be making your CSS code faster and lighter to load for your website visitors.


Tell me the difference between compressing and minifying CSS.

Are you aware of the fact that deciding to compress CSS is different from minifying CSS? Minify and compressing the CSS may appear to you as two synonymous terms. But the reality is that they are two separate concepts. But there are indeed some similarities between these two — both are associated with performance optimizations that ultimately lead to lessening in the CSS size. 

However, minification involves the alteration of code content. As you know, it works by stripping formatting, characters, and spaces that are not needed anymore. The result of minification is fewer characters. Compared to minification, compression may not change the code content itself. Instead, it helps to reduce the file size by compacting it before providing it to the browser when a request is made for this. {fullWidth}

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean to minify style sheets?

CSS minification is a process that involves the removal of unnecessary or redundant data in CSS code without impacting how the browser processes the code. Minification is the best optimization practice with which a website can get a significant boost in its performance. CSS Minifier safely strips unnecessary characters like comments, whitespaces, and indentation. It causes a decrease in the file size without affecting how a browser processes styles. Minification betters a site’s speed as well as improves its accessibility in a dramatic manner. This thus directly translates into an enhanced user experience.

How can I use the CSS Minifier?

For using it, you just need to copy your CSS code and paste it at the “Source code“ text field. Also, you can upload a particular CSS file from yourlocal file system. Afterwards, click on the “Minify“ button. This will lead to the result appearing on the text field. Minification is one of the major parts of SEO optimization; it lessens file sizes and improves the loading speed of your site’s pages. You can also use the CSS Minifier for minifying your CSS code!

How much time does it take to minify my CSS?

CSS Minifier works in a fast manner. With it, you can process your CSS code in a few seconds.

How can minified CSS help in SEO?

Minifying CSS is one of the basic optimizations that you require to make your site or app user friendly as well as search engine friendly. CSS files minifying helps to save some time off the loading speed of your website's page, which is essential for optimization of its SEO and for moving its search engine ranking. Opt for reducing your CSS file size and for achieving an improved SEO!

Can I minify CSS code on Mac OS, Linux or Android?

Yes, you can use this free application on any chosen operating system with the help of a web browser. Our minification tool works online and it does not require installing any software. CSS Minifier works well on Windows, Linux and MAC as well as on various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

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