Want To Become An Air Hostess? Important Things You Should Know

Want To Become An Air Hostess

Young girls are fascinated by the term “Air Hostess”. They dream of flying high with a successful career by becoming one. An Air Hostess is an integral part of the airline industry. She ensures passengers' safety and comfort on a flight making the trip a pleasant one for the passengers on board.

Pros of Becoming an Air Hostess

  • An air hostess can travel and explore various destinations of the world and meet new people.
  • The salary package of an air hostess is competitive with numerous perks and benefits. You can enjoy special discounts on accommodations, food, flight tickets, etc for yourself and your family. An air hostess also enjoys other benefits like medical insurance, life insurance,  kit allowance, retirement plan (it may vary), etc all taken care of by the airline company for which she is working.
  • You can even move forward with your career as an instructor in a reputed air hostess training college after your retirement as your real-life experience working as an air hostess matters a lot.

Eligibility and Skills

  • The minimum qualification required to opt for the popular air hostess training courses is clearing 10+2 examinations in any stream from a recognized board.
  • Your age should be between 18- 26 years and must be unmarried. Skin complexion has nothing to do but your height should be proportionate to your body weight. You should be physically fit, have very good eyesight, and have an attractive personality. Aspiring candidates should have their passports in order and should not have any criminal records.
  • To become an air hostess you need to have a very pleasing personality with a very polite and pleasant voice. Also, you need to possess a good presence of mind to deal with tricky situations. As an air hostess, you should be a perfect team player as there will be around 12- 14 members working alongside you.
  • You always have to cater to the needs of the passengers with a broad smile on your face and ensure every passenger is comfortable. You will often get unruly passengers who may scream and shout at you but you need to deal with them in a very calm and composed manner and always with a broad smile
  • You need to possess exceptional communication skills, especially speaking. You must be proficient in speaking English because you will communicate with various people belonging to different countries and cultures. Knowing another international language other than English is an extra added advantage

Air hostess- Duties

  • People have a notion that air hostesses just have to look beautiful and serve refreshments to the passengers on board. The air hostess's job is more than just looking beautiful and serving the passengers on board food and beverages.  
  • An air hostess needs to greet around 300- 400 passengers with a big smile, cater to their needs, and ensure that they are comfortable and have a pleasant flight experience. 
  • You need to be active as the job demands being on foot for a long time. There may be some unruly passengers on board but as an air hostess, you always have to be very polite while dealing with them.
  • As an air hostess, you will be responsible for the safety of the passengers on board. So you need to be very serious and attentive during the air hostess training. During an emergency, you are responsible for evacuating the passengers and as an air hostess, you need to act fast and in a very calm and composed manner to tackle the situation. The best air hostess training college in Kolkata will teach you perfectly all the safety procedures you need to follow while on a flight such as CPRS, first aid, emergency landing, and many more. 
  • The air hostess needs to possess exceptional communication skills, be punctual, and diligent, and should have quick problem-solving skills. You should also be a perfect team player as you will have 6-7 members working together. 
  • Last but not least as an air hostess, you should have a positive attitude toward everything to help you overcome challenges that you may face being an air hostess.


The air hostess has an excellent career scope. It has been predicted that the demand for air hostesses will keep increasing with each passing year due to the emergence of new airlines. 


  • An air hostess in India working for domestic airlines usually earns between INR 20,000 to INR 45,000 per month (approx.). Air hostesses who work with International airlines earn around INR 55,000 to 1 Lakh per month (approx.) depending on experience.
  • But usually, the salary of an air Hostess depends on the number of hours she flies every month and other important factors.

If you also dream of becoming an air hostess, you need to opt for the popular air hostess training course, Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Aviation Management from the best air hostess training College in Kolkata. The trainers and instructors of the best air hostess training college in Kolkata have years of experience working as air hostesses and will always go the extra mile to polish your skills and boost your confidence level to help you shine as a professional air hostess by delivering exceptional customer services to the passengers on board.

These are the important things you need to know about the Air hostess job, its scope, eligibility, and salary to turn your dreams into the reality of climbing the steps to success quickly in life as an air hostess.

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