Everyone Should Experience The Wonderful Amalfi Coast

Everyone Should Experience The Wonderful Amalfi Coast

The trip offered breathtaking views along the long winding coastline, picturesque surroundings and views from Luxury villas Amalfi coast to the sound of street musicians playing and ancient stories from the dilapidated ruined city of Pompeii. In this blog post, I thought I would share my experiences from Amalfi - the wonderful coastal town characterized by its countless cafes, sloping mountains and lively cobbled streets. And I will also reveal where to find the tasteful restaurant with the spectacular mountain views and why beautiful Ravello and stay with it's is worth more than just a visit. Nice reading!

The Amalfi Coast welcomes me with open arms

I do not even have time to get off the plane, before Italy's beautiful landscape greets me with its lush charming nature. The bus ride from the airport in Rome down to the Amalfi Coast villa rentals would take just over 3 hours, but surrounded by the beautiful surroundings and the varied landscape, the trip felt more like 1 hour. After driving past various communities and wide plains for a couple of hours, the beautiful coast finally spreads out in front of us, with the sparkling sea on one side and the lush mountains on the other. For the slightly sick person, a warm recommendation here may be to sit far ahead in the bus, as the roads tend to meander a bit. Once in the village of Maiori, which became our base during the trip, we are met by a pleasant temperature despite the late hour, and the sound of the waves of the sea quickly reaches my ears. Along the street right next to the Amalfi villas are some small shops and cafes located, each of the locals enjoying their Italian espresso in peace. Some children play on the street and between the roofs hangs the day's laundry out to dry. It simply cannot be more Italian than this.


The lemon path that really lives up to its name

The Lemon Trail is the name of the walking route that runs between the villages of Maiori and Minori, and is, in my opinion, a must for anyone visiting the area. The trail not only takes you from village to village, but also offers a journey through flowering nature, lush lemons and magnificent views of the two villages and the sea. We start our walk with Maiori as a starting point, and it is difficult to keep a faster pace, as wherever you look, you are met by something new to capture. In one second you walk under the endless lemon groves, while in the next moment you are surrounded by old houses, whose lanterns and clotheslines act as roofs over your head. On a wall is a cat dozing in the sunshine, and a little further away we are met by some horses whose owners are on their way to the city with today's merchandise.

Hike along the lemon path under lemon groves on the Amalfi Coast.

After getting through the beautiful surroundings, we begin to approach Minori, but before we reach the core of the city, we are offered a cool view of the village with the sea and the mountains right next door. Once in Minori, we are met by the tranquility that characterizes the city and somehow it feels like time stands still here. Some tourists stroll around the city streets and enjoy the summer heat, while locals ride bicycles and scooters and fill the city with life.

View of Minori from above and  Amalfi Coast Villas.

From Minori we then move on to the famous Amalfi - the city that is full of life and song. Here the tourist routes take turns and unlike the neighboring villages of Minori and Maiori, there are plenty of souvenir and pottery shops, and if you are looking for a cozy pub to rest your feet on, you do not have to look very long. Outside the harbor, the boats go, which i.a. takes tourists to and from the beautiful island of Capri, the gorgeous tourist destination that annually attracts nature lovers, movie stars and royalty from all over the world. In conclusion, I can say with certainty that Amalfi is the village with its Luxury Villas amalfi coast that has something for everyone - whether you are looking for cool buildings, cozy tourist streets or the proximity to the sea, you will not be disappointed.

A culinary dining experience with a spectacular view

After a few sunny hours in Amalfi, it's time to head on to Pogerola, the cozy little mountain village located just above Amalfi. The quiet village seems like a quiet getaway for the Amalfi people who occasionally want to get away from the lively tourist streets, and in addition to a few eateries and shops, the village consists mostly of a square with a church. From Amalfi it only takes a few minutes by car and here an unforgettable dining experience awaits at La Capannina, the most idyllic restaurant with a view called duga. Along one long side, the large windows offer an amazing view of the mountains, the lemon groves and the sea, and I almost have to make an effort to tear my eyes away from the view and instead concentrate on the delicious menu.

In Italy, it is a bit of a custom to eat pasta as a starter for the main course itself, which for many, including me, can be a bit confusing at first. We were first served a delicious plate of various smaller Italian snacks and then presented with a delicious pasta dish containing cheese and mushrooms. Of course, you were already full and satisfied after the creamy pasta, but the meal is not over then. The follow-up share comes in the delicious main course, to then be rounded off with a wonderful dessert that was simply too good to resist. As in most other restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, no meal is complete without a shot of limoncello - the sweet liqueur made from lemon, which is traditionally produced in southern Italy, and then mainly along the Amalfi Coast. It was with a full and satisfied feeling that we then left beautiful Pogerola to head back to our base in Maiori.


Ravello and Pompeii - two names to remember

The second day is the journey to the romantic Ravello - the village known for its classical concerts and its interesting cathedral. What i.a. characterizes Ravello are the countless parks with their beautiful flowers in all its colors. What strikes me even when I walk around among the streets is how clean and preserved the surroundings are. The trees neatly surround the squares and upwards the walls meander the lush flora. We visit a small jewelry store that has previously received star visits from both Pierce Brosnan and Nicolas Cage, which the store owner very proudly shows off with the pictures that hang on the walls. We also get to see the most beautiful parking lot I have ever seen, whose roof is adorned with lovely flowers and beautiful lanterns, and before we hop in the car to steer the journey towards the ruined city of Pompeii - we each enjoy Italian espresso. Of course I ask for a splash of milk in mine as I am not yet familiar with the strong coffee taste.

Once in Pompeii, our local guide meets us who will accompany us through the ruins of the ancient city, which 79 years AD. was buried under the ash from the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The sun is high in the sky and warms our bare shoulders, and around the remains that reveal stories from another time, grass and flowers have emerged. Far in the background you can see the majestic volcano Vesuvius, and I wrestle with the idea that this beautiful natural creature once destroyed an entire city with its people. Today, about 2000 years later, the place is characterized by a soothing tranquility and like the other tourists, we follow our guide who tells captivating love stories, myths and traditions from a time when Pompeii was most alive.

Full of impressions and vitamin D, I say goodbye to the Amalfi Coast and Amalfi Villas this time. Something sad inside, as I am not ready to let go of the beautiful houses, lemon groves and tranquility that are in the villages. But I'm sure it was not the last time I set foot in this paradise, and until then I simply have to eat lots of lemons and drink lots of espresso.

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