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For getting your article published, it has to follow these guidelines that have been formed by our experts:-

  • Your  article has to be a good fit for our audience. It should be high in quality and knowledge and it should provide some value to our audience. 
  • Your article may require some editing which our experts will inform you about. You can do the editing yourself through the edit button provided on our website when it passes through the submission process. 
  • Your article may be rejected by our experts and they will provide you the reason for its rejection and may offer some suggestions for its improvement. If you are able to improve it in the desired manner, then the article may get published by our team. 
  • Your article should contain no plagiarized content.
  • Your article should not contain any spinned content. 
  • The article should contain no promotional content.
  • Excessive backlinks in the article can lead to the rejection of the article. Maximum of 3 backlinks are allowed in the article. 
  • Your blog post should have a minimum of 500 words. 
  • Your article should have no spammy content in terms of spammy links, links to your personal blog or website, unrelated product listings, repetitive keywords, etc.)
  • Your article should have proper and correct English, spellings and sentence structure. 
  • Your article should provide our readers in-depth and complete knowledge about a subject or topic chosen. 

The layout also matters. So ensure your article has an attractive layout where text is divided into multiple sections each with high-quality images and media. 

The text in the article should be easy to read. So ensure it has consistent formatting that does not contain excessive underlined, italicized or bolded text. 

The content in your article should be evergreen, meaning the content stays relevant and valuable for our audiences for months and years after it has been published. 

The content in the article should not  be generated artificially through artificial intelligence powered tools  as our team will reject it after reviewing it. The content should be fresh, engaging and written by humans for passing through our submission process and getting published.   

You are requested to follow these guidelines for getting your articles successfully published at our website UTS If you have any questions or queries in this regard, share them with us at and our experts will reply to them accordingly in the fastest possible time. 

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